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   A quick rundown of the line breeding report that can be accessed through the       Pedigree Database:

Inbreeding Stats - This shows where a particular dog is inbred in a pedigree. You'll see something like 4S x 3d. The "4" and "3" are the generations the inbred ancestor appears in. The "s" indicates the ancestor appears on the sire's side of the pedigree and the "d" indicates the inbred ancestor appears on the dam's side of the pedigree. A capital "S" or "D" indicates the ancestor is inbred through its male offspring and a lowercase "s" or "d" indicates the ancestor is inbred through its female offspring.

Crosses - This simply indicates how many times the inbred dog appears in the pedigree.

Lines - This is how many unique offspring the ancestor is inbred through. The numbers in parentheses are the number of males and females it is inbred through. If you hover over these numbers you will see a list of all dogs it is inbred through.

Blood Percentage - This is the estimated percentage of the ancestor's blood that was passed through to the subject dog.

Influence - This is a simplified estimate of the blood percentage in the same notation as the Inbreeding Stats column. This will always appear as {Number} x {Number}. It's simply a way to quickly estimate the blood percentage influence of a particular ancestor using inbreeding stats notation.

AGR - This is a complex inbreeding coefficient calculation. Simply put, it's an estimated value of how much an ancestor is inbred in a subject's pedigree.

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