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  • What is the differences between the Pacific Bulldog vs the Olde vs the English Bulldog ?
    Starting with the standards, the Pacific Bulldog is 15-17 inches 50-75lbs for both males and females. The Olde is 17-19 females and 18-20inches for males 60-90lbs. English Bulldogs are 11-14 inches 52lbs. I think the difference is in the breeding philosophy and program as well as the standard. The Pacific Bulldog family are all on the same page. We're a smaller group all woking on one vision together, all trying to create the same Pacific Bulldog. We share all our genetics passing them onto every yard to keep the phenotypes and genotypes consistent within the group. We help each other, doing everything as a whole is what also separates us and our Pacific Bulldogs from the Olde world. Money is not a motivator in what we do either ,that definitely separates the PBKC and our stock from everything else.
  • What are Pacific Bulldogs capable of?
    As far as what the Pacific Bulldog is capable of the idea was to create an intelligent, very durable, athletic, fearless machine of a bulldog with a lot of stamina and a sound temperament. The kind of bulldog you could take to the beach or on a hike and cut them loose for the day and not worry about them at all. Athletically speaking Pacific Bulldogs can do just about anything a good retrieving dog can do. We've also seen some of our dogs show good defensive drive. I’ve seen them swim in pools, rivers, and ocean as well. These guys are easy to coax into doing something they haven’t tried before and that makes the possibilities endless .They make a decent guard dog as well. Pacific Bulldogs are protective ,loyal ,alert and aware of whats going on around them making them a great family dog.
  • If someone were interested in joining your Kennel Club, what are the qualifications ?"
    If someone were interested in getting involved with the Pacific Bulldog group, first I would say just stick around, watch and ask a lot of questions ,get to know the other guys, talk to them and make sure this is for you. We don’t like to rush things when it comes to adding new members. We’d rather take our time to get to know them first as well as having them feel comfortable with us and the Pacific breeding program. A feeling out process for both sides is important to see if its a good fit. We want to share what we're about and what we're trying to accomplish as a group first. If they're on the same page, paragraph and sentence we keep moving forward. If they have stock already we go thru it to see what is eligible and whats not. What ever is eligible we then get registered into the PBKC and start working on getting the new yard up to speed .
  • Where do you see the breed in the next 10 years ?
    In the future I see our breed in development getting stronger, growing, and evolving into what we had envisioned. Developing and growing our gene pool is going to be a challenge and very important over the next decade. Working together to get the phenotypes and genotypes consistent on all yards involved is a major goal for us as well. We also would love to add more intelligent, responsible, passionate bulldog enthusiast to the Pacific Bulldog family. Real dogmen and women that understand what our goal is and want to be part of the vision and journey in creating the Pacific Bulldog. Bone Dome Muscle & Hustle.
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