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 Pacific Bulldogs(P.B.K.C) is a group of breeders with the same vision. We consider each other a family.

 Officially established as a breed in the making in 2012 this tight-knit breeding program began before 2012 with Adam Parcelli and George Garibay teeming up with dogs who were brothers(Pacific Blue's Kong and Pacific Blue's Heff, both produced by Adam Parcelli) and their descendants. The sire of Kong and Heff is Hoghouse Morpheus and the dam TNT Tsunami.
 These 2 sires were the foundation that was built upon using only the best English, Olde English blood,Renessance/Victorian blood, and also one line of American Bulldog coming from the D-Day line.
All dogs coming into the program are approved by Adam Parcelli, the founder of the Pacific Bulldogs.
 After 5 years (in 2017 )of being established many in the group had left and others had entered. George decided to go his own way. The family then made the necessary adjustments to continue with the original vision.
 Now in 2022, the PBKC has a solid group including 29 official breeders and many in the approval process.

 When a person wants to enter the PBKC they 1st need to acquire a Pacific Bulldog or two and produce a litter and be accepted by displaying ethical business and breeding practices. It is easiest to enter the family by being mentored by an Official breeder. Once your 1st litter is produced and your mentor approves of your breeding/business ethics you will be entered into the group as an official breeder.

 We only have up to go from here as the gene pool increases.
 This is a breed in development. So everyone involved must understand the overall vision/goal to produce athletic, good-natured, healthy bulldogs that are capable of performing in many activities and look amazing doing it.


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